This week on #FantasticForumFriday we’ve got an infographic from Devin Jollimore at Mission Safety on the 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World – see more below!

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Devin Says..

The next time you’re bored at your desk, remember how lucky you are to work in a job where you are safe.





Mission Safety is a safety services company dedicated to providing the highest level of safety training seYour safety is our Missionrvices across all of our divisions. Our safety teams have the support of the entire company, using one another’s various skills and experiences to solve any problem.

We pride ourselves on being an industry leader in providing essential industrial safety services, with a reputation built on experience and professionalism.

We are the number one industrial safety services company because we employ the most experienced and highly trained individuals in Canada – Firefighters, Paramedics, and EMTs with years of experience performing actual life and death rescues are at the core of our services.



Thanks to Devin at Mission Safety for joining us!

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