SME’s can Achieve Compliance & Safety at a Reduced Cost

9 September 2016

What is required of an SME under Health & Safety law?

The requirement for the provision of a safe place of work in so far as is reasonable practicable is the same for all employers regardless of their size, financial situation or number of persons employed.

What are your basic statutory obligations?
  • Produce a Safety Statement for your organisation
  • Complete a Risk Assessment of your activities
  • Provide suitable training for your staff to ensure competency
  • Produce a Fire Manual including an Emergency Evacuation Procedure
  • Record & investigate all workplace accidents and incidents
  • Produce good quality [user-friendly] Policies & Procedures
  • Bring all documentation to the attention of your staff
What is a Safety Statement?

Management’s written commitment to Health & Safety, structure & breakdown, signed by your most senior officer and signed off by all your staff.

Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment
  • Identify all possible workplace hazards [Slip, trip, falls from height, manual handling, etc.]
  • Complete a risk assessment by determining the probability of the accident happening and the consequence if it does, using a numerical system. This should provide you with Low, Medium, High risks.
  • Identify control measures for all unacceptable risk levels and implement.

“Prevention is better than Cure”
In Health & Safety this means a risk assessment must be completed on all your activities in compliance with your statutory obligations.

What is an Accident?

An accident is an unplanned or undesired occurrence which may or may not result in an injury to staff.

Training Requirements for SME’s

Both Management & Staff require Health & Safety training.

Depending on your business type it may be necessary to provide training on:
Chemical Safety, Machinery Safety, Working at Heights, Personal Protective Equipment, First Aid.

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