✓  Keep trees (and any other combustibles) away from ignition sources such as fireplaces, candles, heaters, overhead lights and radiators

✓  Make sure the base of the Christmas tree is steady so that the tree wont tip over easily

✓  Don’t run cords through doorways or under rugs. The insulation on the cords can become damaged causing a potential fire and or shock hazard

✓  Avoid overloading sockets and extension cords

✓  Extinguish candles and plug out all electrical appliances before going to bed or when unattended.

✓  Think of the child’s age when buying toys. Some toys designed for older children may be dangerous for younger children.

✓  Never drink and drive – ensure a designated driver or taxi has been arranged. Provide non-alcoholic drinks for designated drivers and other guests if hosting a party. Always drink responsibly.

✓  Install smoke detectors or replace batteries in existing detectors – don’t forget to test all smoke alarms.

✓  Check and replace any worn or damaged light sets.

✓  Recycle gift wrap and boxes – do not burn in fireplace or stoves

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