Having issues training shift workers or employees who are constantly on the move?

Apart from adopting e-learning, some trainers are now using tablets or smart phones rather than fixed workstations to train their employees. This has brought about the phrase m-learning or mobile learning.

There are some obvious advantages of training employees through tablets such as the flexibility which is offered in terms of time and location. Tablets are designed for learning in the 21st century where the economic environment is in a state of constant change and knowledge needs to be transferred in short and snappy bite-size chunks.

Smartphone apps offer the same anytime/ anyplace advantages with multimedia learning tools in the palm of your hand. While tablets are more suitable for corporate use, Smartphones are useful due to their growing popularity Рas a result, many employees are already equipped with the hardware required to complete the training. They offer an ideal opportunity to teach snippets of safety information to those at risk.

Before choosing your hardware there are some important points to consider such as battery life and whether flash is supported. Contact EazySafe if you’re considering this type of training and we can advise you on the best hardware for the Learning Centre.

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