Manage Employee Training Records

Streamline your compliance training records

Using the EazySAFE Learning Centre, you can easily integrate your traditional training with your e-learning by maintaining all records in one repository.

Within the Classroom Records module you can record your classroom based Instructor-Led Training and your Blended Learning sessions allowing you to electronically track and monitor all staff training in one place.

This gives a more holistic approach to your EHS compliance training management, avoiding cases where staff members could slip through the cracks and go untrained. It also gives managers a single view of EHS training compliance within the organisation.

How it works:

Log in & Upload

The Administrator can log in and upload training documents, scanned records, certificates

Select Validation Period

Select a date prior to which the system will flag for renewal of expired certificate

Notification emails

Notification emails can be sent to the Administrator to alert them to schedule employee training

View Reports

Reports are generated and can be viewed instantly by department, team or location

Features available to the administrator:

  • Add and remove learners as desired to reflect current staff.
  • Manage current and legacy training records.
  • Easily monitor employees’ certificates and their validity dates.
  • Email notification of certificates coming up for renewal/refresher/expiry.

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