System Requirements

Platform Requirements


Users should have access to all domain names and web addresses referenced by the Learning Centre (see below). If Internet connectivity is lost, the user will be logged out of their training. Full training progress will be tracked up to the point when connectivity is lost.


The EazySAFE Learning Centre uses small files called “session cookies” to allow you to login and move seamlessly around the Learning Centre. No personal information such as usernames, passwords, locations, etc. are stored in the cookies.


To access the Learning Centre you should use one of the supported browsers. NOTE: For reasons of ergonomics, small devices such as phones should not be used for training. Administrators should inform trainees that these devices should be avoided as there are health and safety concerns.


These requirements are for our standard training offering for trainees. Custom solutions, legacy training, authoring and administration may have requirements specific to the solution being provided.

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