Blended Fire Safety Training

Completing the theory section online followed by an instructor-led practical session

The best of both online and face-to-face fire safety training is now possible with our proven techniques. In conjunction with our sister company Phoenix Safety, the instructor-led training experts, we have developed a blended fire safety awareness package.

Our blended fire safety training involves:

  • Employees complete the theory section of the course online at a time that suits them
  • This is followed up with a group face-to-face training session

This is a cost effective and time efficient method of completing fire safety training.

Elements of the online fire safety training course

The online fire safety training awareness course teaches employees:

  • The chemistry of fire
  • How to identify and report fire hazards in the workplace
  • To recognise their role in fire prevention at work
  • What actions to take on discovering a fire
  • How to react correctly to a fire alarm

Once an employee has completed the online course and successfully passed the quiz at the end, they are ready to participate in a practical session. Full certification is achieved upon successful completion of both the online training and practical session. This practical session is the only classroom or face-to-face part of a blended course.


Elements of the instructor-led practical session

  • The instructor will first demonstrate how to tackle a fire using the BullsEye Laser-Driven Fire Extinguisher System.
  • Each participant will then put out a simulated fire.
  • The Laser unit uses augmented reality and therefore portrays a fire in the form of LED driven digital flames.
  • The digital flames respond to the users actions. These include the aiming and sweeping a laser fire extinguisher across it in order to put it out.
  • The extinguisher uses a conical laser which replicates extinguisher discharge rather than depending on a dry-chemical or CO2 extinguisher. Training is conducted virtually anywhere.

During the practical session, the assessor may also ask questions based on the theory covered in the online course.


In conclusion, employees can complete the fire safety training online at a time that suits them and this is followed by with a group face-to-face training session.

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