Developing Mental Fitness

Developing Mental Fitness ALAN WHITE Wellness Consultant at EazySAFE Mental Health is one of the most misunderstood concepts in society. Years of stigma and misinformation means that we associate the term with mental illness. When we think of physical health, we think...

Working from Home? Tips for Remote Workers

We are living in an age where technology is advancing at an amazing speed. To see how far we have come even in the last twenty years, it’s pretty impressive! If we just look at how this has affected the area of work, we can see that these advances have made it possible for us …

Understanding Safety: Safe Systems of Work

The general term safe systems of work has been in the safety lexicon for some time, referring to any arrangements that allow work activities to take place that effectively manage risk. The term appears in safety legislation in a number of countries and an internet search will uncover literally hundreds of thousands of references.

Caring for Pregnant Employees

Pregnancy can be one of the most vulnerable times of a woman’s life. So, it’s important that when a woman is at work, she can feel safe, protected and as comfortable as possible. To help ensure this is the case, there is legislation that is in place- The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application)

Hidden Dangers – Office Safety

The office is not the first place you would think of when you think of safety at work! Office places would not usually fall into the high-risk category, but this does not mean that no hazards exist here. Let’s take a closer look. A job where most work tasks are carried out while sitting in a chair in a climate-controlled office would …

Understanding Safety: Safety Statements

The term safety statement is used to describe a document which summarises how an Irish company manages risk and provides an opportunity for company management to show commitment to their employees that workplace risk is effectively managed.

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is one of the most useful, but also the most misunderstood risk control measures available in the workplace. The correct PPE can provide very robust barriers to hazards but it must be used in the right context which unfortunately is not always the case in the workplace.

Tailoring Safety Training for your Staff & Contractors

If there is one thing that you cannot get away with, in regard to health and safety, it is training. Number one, it’s the law! and number two you are not going to get very far on improving or maintaining safety in your company if your employees and contractors do not know what is expected of them!

Health and Safety – Costly or Beneficial?

Well, this is an interesting topic for discussion! If you ask a small business owner or someone in management, they will probably say that health and safety is costly, takes up time and can be a barrier. Ask a health and safety professional and you will get the opposite answer!

Lifting Operations

This discussion looks at the safety issues that are related to lifting operations, including equipment and accessories and what general arrangements need to be in place to safely manage this type of hazardous work.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of your Safety Training

Safety training is a critical part of your overall safety program. It is an investment and like any investment, you want to know how it performs, what you can do to improve it and if it needs changes. That is why it is so important to evaluate how effective your safety training is.

Developing a Health and Safety Training Plan

If you are starting from scratch with your Health and Safety Training plan, have patience! I have been where you are sitting now, and I know how overwhelming and frustrating it can be. Trust me, your hard work will pay off, once you get the groundwork done.

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