How Can Health & Safety Training Benefit my Business?

Each year, an average of 250 workers are killed in workplace incidents in the UK and Ireland, with a further 1.2 million being non-fatally injured. Research shows that in many cases, accidents occur due to a lack of employee training

7 Steps to Build a Mentally Healthy Workplace

Of course, the workplace is not solely responsible for creating such high levels of mental ill health but the workplace can be a perfect breeding ground for triggers, which instigate or compound mental health difficulties.

3 Major Benefits of Online Induction Training

You can never control how new staff are going to work out within your organisation but one thing you can do is give them the best possible start by creating a great induction programme.

Safety Performance: Leading v’s Lagging Indicators

Due to the reactionary nature of lagging indicators, they don’t make for a strong gauge for measuring overall safety and prevention. Unfortunately, they can lead managers and employees to become complacent, just because they see a low injury rate.

The Push for Zero

In recent times there has been the emergence of a new philosophy in safety which has at its heart the concept that all accidents are preventable. To promote this, schemes and programmes have been developed that use the word zero in their title.

Effective Communication Skills for the EHS Professional

Being the champion of EHS within your organisation, does not mean you are the boss or have sole responsibility in this area. You are in fact, part of a team, an EHS team, as is everyone else in the company and it’s your job to communicate the very important role to them.

Do you have a good work life balance?

For some employees, living the reality of work life balance comes more naturally. For others, it seems far out of their reach. It probably has a lot to do with personality type and how people view their lives and what is really important to them.

The Importance of Completing Corrective Actions

Generating corrective and preventative actions (CAPA’s) and recording them in a plan is one thing, closing them out to a satisfactory standard, verifying that that has been done and monitoring ongoing compliance is another.

Every Day Should Be A WellFest – Workplace Wellness @ EazySAFE

EazySAFE staff recently attended Ireland’s only health, fitness and wellness festival – WellFest. Through this event, EazySAFE hoped to inspire staff to keep fit, to take care of their health through good nutrition and to highlight the link between a strong body and a strong mind.

Going Green at Work

Governments, businesses and private citizens are coming together in an effort to leave behind a better world for future generations. Businesses can do their bit to help in this global effort while also benefiting the local environment in which they operate.

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