Providing Training in a Worker

Employees learn, understand and remember information better, if it is taught to them in their native language. We all know what its like to be abroad, where you don’t speak or speak very little of their language, it can be so confusing!

Are you Suffering from Occupational Burnout?

Burnout has three main elements, which are decreased efficiency, exhaustion and cynicism. It can develop over time, firstly starting with mild symptoms and severe symptoms if left untreated. We only get one shot at this amazing life, so an employer, make sure you are giving your employees the best possible workplace that will never cause them to experience occupational burnout.

Behaviour Based Safety – The Basic Principles

Behaviour Based Safety - The Basic Principles GEMMA COLLINS DOYLE Health and Safety Consultant at EazySAFE Safety research over the last few decades has been consistent in showing that human error is the main contributing factor in most accidents in the workplace....

Health and Safety Myths – Ignorance is not bliss

There is a famous saying often attributed the 19th century British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli who said “there are lies, damned lies and statistics” that is often used to cast doubt about information from a particular source or from an opponent such as may be found in political discourse.

EU-OSHA – Occupational health and safety in the EU

For most safety practitioners and others with an interest in occupational health and safety, there is normally a familiarity with the government organisation that has been defined in legislation as the statutory body for enforcing occupational health and safety legislation at a national level.

Benchmarking Health and Safety – Key Considerations

Benchmarking has proven to be a useful process used to drive improvement in management systems resulting in the opportunity for improved performance, enhanced reputation and also providing new opportunities for businesses.

5 Tips for Organising your Safety Meetings

How productive are your monthly safety meetings? Are they just a tick the box exercise and you get nothing done? Your safety committee can be a fantastic tool for your Health and Safety Toolbox. Here are five tips to make sure you are getting the very best out of your team.

Standardising Contractor Training

The best place to start in relation to standardising your training for contractors is an induction process. As well as contractor induction training, it is important that you compile and maintain an Approved Contractor Control Register.

Protecting Young Workers’ Health and Safety

So what makes young workers so vulnerable? A young person or younger workers perspective is undeveloped; the lack of real-life experience is to be expected and they need guidance and protection through this vulnerable time.

Looking after Employee Health and Wellbeing

The importance of employee health and wellbeing is critical to staff retention and productivity levels. The savvy employee is now looking at a company’s health and wellbeing programme as must have, before accepting a job offer.

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