The Benefits of Health and Safety Induction Training

Everyone that visits your site should have some kind of formal induction. Each induction will need to cover different topics, for example, Visitors won’t need to know how to fill out a permit to work form, but they will need to know where their assembly point is, in the event of an emergency.

Promoting a Culture of Safety

Safety Culture is probably one of the most important aspects of safety management, and probably the most difficult to implement. Whether you are a safety professional, supervisor, manager or an employee of a company, you need to consider the importance of creating a strong safety culture within your Organisation.

VDU Assessment – Are you sitting comfortably?

One of my favourite parts of my job, as a health and safety consultant, is carrying out VDU assessments for people. Why? Because a difference can be made almost immediately! Such simple changes can help people sit more comfortably, ease any pain they are experiencing and create a better working environment.

Safety is a continuing Journey, not a final destination

For most of us who work in the health and safety area, we know this only too well. The process of creating a safe and healthy workplace for everyone can take a long time. Once you have started this process, it becomes a journey and not a final destination. Nothing is static, nothing stays the same, and safety management is no different.

Human Error: What it is and how to mitigate against it

It is clear than in terms of accident investigations especially those for major events, these major accidents are never what might be called ‘blue sky’ events. It may seem like that to the people impacted by them but invariably the investigation report will uncover and identify weaknesses and stress in the system that went either unreported or if reported, uncorrected.

Mobile Learning for New Hires

How the world is changing! Gone are the days of the blackboard and chalk. These days its whiteboards, tablets, laptops and even phones! The way we educate has evolved and is changing all the time. We live in an ever-changing world that is lead by technology.

Tips for Communicating the Safety Message

Communicating your safety message is no easy feat, but so crucial to creating a safe and healthy place to work. Your safety message will have the power to help prevent injuries and illness, so I am sure you would agree, that it is something that needs to be taken seriously.

Driving on icy roads and in Winter Weather

Some would say that this is not something we in Ireland need to worry about very often, but with the “Beast from the East” in March 2018, I’m sure you would agree that dealing with winter weather while driving is definitely an area that we need to be more prepared for!

Providing Training in a Worker

Employees learn, understand and remember information better, if it is taught to them in their native language. We all know what its like to be abroad, where you don’t speak or speak very little of their language, it can be so confusing!

Are you Suffering from Occupational Burnout?

Burnout has three main elements, which are decreased efficiency, exhaustion and cynicism. It can develop over time, firstly starting with mild symptoms and severe symptoms if left untreated. We only get one shot at this amazing life, so an employer, make sure you are giving your employees the best possible workplace that will never cause them to experience occupational burnout.

Behaviour Based Safety – The Basic Principles

Behaviour Based Safety - The Basic Principles GEMMA COLLINS DOYLE Health and Safety Consultant at EazySAFE Safety research over the last few decades has been consistent in showing that human error is the main contributing factor in most accidents in the workplace....

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