Compliance Software for EHS Managers


EHS managers can ensure environmental, health & safety compliance with EazySAFE’s online induction, EHS training library, contractor document management & classroom records management

Online Induction

EazySAFE have developed an easy-to-use and very cost effective solution to deliver high quality online environmental, health and safety training to contractors and employees before they commence work.

This ensures that all staff and contractors on all sites receive consistent online induction training in their own language, and helps to instil the safety values of the company from day one.

"EazySAFE have tailored an e-learning platform for Primark which centralises all of our safety training and creates both time and cost efficiencies. Training is now much easier to deliver and employees find it extremely easy to work through.

With over 60,000 employees and over 300 stores spread across 11 countries, we needed to ensure that a consistent safety message was delivered to all new and existing employees. Since the introduction of the EazySAFE online training system in 2011, training is being delivered to staff daily across our 24/7 operations. New employees register and complete our region specific induction programme in advance of their first day, at a pace that suits them in their local language.

We’ve trained over 150,000 people on the Primark Learning Centre. Store managers have welcomed this training method as it speeds up the process for new starters and reduces time spent off the sales floor."

Eoin Burke

Group EHS Systems Manager, Primark

Case Study - Vistakon Online Induction

"The Vistakon EHS team were looking for a way of managing and effectively inducting our new employees, directly supervised contract employees. Our aim was to reduce risk and promote standardisation of EHS training..."

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Manage Employee Training Records

Using the EazySAFE Learning Centre, you can easily integrate your traditional training with your e-learning by maintaining all records in one repository.

Within the Classroom Records module you can record your classroom based Instructor-Led Training and your Blended Learning sessions allowing you to electronically track and monitor all staff training in one place.

This gives a more holistic approach to your EHS compliance training management, avoiding cases where staff members could slip through the cracks and go untrained. It also gives managers a single view of EHS training compliance within the organisation.

Contractor Document Management

The EazySAFE Learning Centre provides a central place to systematically capture key contractor documents. Contractor documentation is gathered from contractor companies and individual workers prior to the contractor arriving on site, This gives you greater control and peace of mind, with access to accurate contractor information in real-time. Expiry dates are set for each document and reminders sent prior to expiry to ensure all contractors remain in compliance.

The EazySAFE Contractor Documentation module allows you to easily access and manage all compliance documents in one place, saving time for you and your team, and helping to streamline your Contractor Management System.

Accident Investigation

The basic principles and when investigations disagree

The accident investigation process can be a very useful risk control measure if used effectively and followed through to completion.

Any investigation report created may be the best report ever written but if the post-accident follow up to corrective and preventative actions is not there or an organisation fails to learn from them in a wider context, the report becomes just a record of an event rather than a continual improvement driver.

In this whitepaper, Andy Tilleard gives an overview of the basic principles of accident investigation and relays some cautionary tales of cases where investigations disagree.

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