Online Induction Training

Deliver consistent online induction training to staff and contractors across multiple locations before they commence work

The safety culture in any company is the attitudes, beliefs, perceptions and values that employees share in relation to safety. Good online induction and follow-up safety training is an essential part of a good safety culture.

EazySAFE have developed an easy-to-use and very cost effective solution to deliver high quality online environmental, health and safety training to contractors and employees before they commence work. This ensures that all staff and contractors on all sites receive consistent online induction training in their own language, and helps to instil the safety values of the company from day one.

The online employee induction enables staff to take their training before they commence work and arrive on day one with their certificate in hand, ready to hit the ground running.
The online contractor induction ensures that all contractors are made aware of the safety policies and procedures in advance of working on any of your sites.
Consistent online induction training across multiple sites in multiple languages

Streamline Your Induction Process

We help companies to prevent injuries by making safe behaviour and workplace conditions part of their work culture.

Case Study - Vistakon Online Induction

"The Vistakon EHS team were looking for a way of managing and effectively inducting our new employees, directly supervised contract employees. Our aim was to reduce risk and promote standardisation of EHS training..."

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