Accident Investigation

Professional Investigation Consultancy Service
No place of work is ever 100% safe all the time, so the logical conclusion is that at some point you are going to suffer an accident within your facility. All accidents must be investigated for the very simple reason we have to understand how and why it happened and how the system of work failed. This will provide us with the information necessary to prevent a recurrence.

In some situations, there is a legal requirement by Health, Safety and Welfare General Applications Regs 1993/ 2007 to report an accident or dangerous occurrence to the Health and Safety Authority. This is a mandatory requirement (IR1 Form is used) where a person is unable to attend their work for three consecutive days after the day of the accident. There is also a list of 16 dangerous occurrences, which must also be reported to the Inspectorate in which a IR3 Form is utilised.

Every accident affords an opportunity to improve safety by correcting some deficiency, eliminate the hazard and prevent a recurrence. By analysing accident trends, we can identify our weaknesses and put priority corrective action in place.

As a result of a reportable accident or dangerous occurrence a Health & Safety Inspector may attend you place of business to carry out an independent investigation as to the causes of the accident. He /she will expect the employer to have completed the internal accident investigation.

EazySAFE can provide a consultant to carry out a comprehensive accident investigation on your behalf. It is easier for an outside person to be more objective in the investigation than in-house staff. On completion of the accident investigation we will provide any support necessary in the defence of your organisation. Our consultants have a wide range of experience across all types of employment from industry, commercial, retail, local authority, government departments, and educational and financial institutions.

The benefits of professional accident investigations are:


  • A high level of professional health and safety knowledge will be brought to bear.
  • The various causes/occurrences/interactions of the accident will be mapped, identified, photographed, documented and retained on file.
  • Recommendations will be provided on the steps necessary to prevent a recurrence.
  • Where necessary the investigation results can be used to allow you to prepare to defend your organisation against claims and compensation.

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