Asbestos Awareness Training

Training Aim:

This half day training is designed to provide learners with the appropriate knowledge of the hazards, risks and dangers when working with Asbestos. It also provides learners with the knowledge required to manage asbestos in the workplace.

Training Objectives:

On completion of this training, learners will be able to:

  • List the legal requirements of working with Asbestos
  • Explain the uses of Asbestos and where it may be used/found
  • Explain the health risks associated with Asbestos
  • List their responsibilities in managing Asbestos.

Training Programme:

  • Asbestos; where it is found, what it looks like?
  • Hazards of working with Asbestos
  • Monitoring Asbestos and exposure levels
  • Managing Asbestos – the Asbestos Register
  • Contractor control; safe working practices
  • Employee rights, information, training, health surveillance
  • Case studies and good management procedures.
  • Protecting non-employees from asbestos
  • Legal requirements

Training Methods:

  • Classroom presentation on projector, supplemented by videos, and flip chart discussions throughout the training.
  • Training handouts, training records, evaluation forms are also provided and used.
  • Short Assessment of learning.

Who Should Attend?

This training is for all those involved in Engineering and Maintenance, Facilities Management, School Boards of Management, Construction (building, renovation, refurbishment, decorating & repairs), Building Conversions and Demolition.

Course Attendance:

  • Maximum of 10 learners
  • Half day duration (3-4 hours)

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