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Prioritise your workstation assessment - VDU assessment

Workstation assessment – VDU assessment: This survey highlights the highest risk workstation users who need to be given priority for assessment by a workstation assessor. It saves time for the workstation assessor by highlighting the problem areas for users who have issues with their workstation and work environment. The workstation assessor can view high/medium/low risk reports and prioritise one-to-one workstation assessments.

The survey contains 50 questions relating to common risk factors at employee workstations, including keyboard, mouse, display screen, software, furniture and work environment. Employees answer either the ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to each question. If they answer ‘Yes’, no further action is required. If they answer ‘No’, they can fill in further details about the problem. The ‘No’ answers require investigation and possible remedial action by a workstation assessor.



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